The AYCC, a part of the Aarhus Cricket Club (ACC), is a relatively young initiative that began in late November 2020. Its long-term vision is to promote cricket among the youth of Aarhus and its surrounding cities.

In early 2021, ACC's primary goal was to encourage more young people to play and enjoy cricket. With this goal in mind, a new subdivision of ACC, the Aarhus Youth Cricket Club (AYCC), was established. This exciting development adds a new chapter to the club's long history.

The initial months of 2021 were spent establishing the basics for a youth team, including: 1) identifying key individuals (e.g., coaches) who aligned with ACC’s philosophies on training, 2) making practical decisions, and 3) strategizing the training sessions.

By spring 2021, the groundwork was laid, and the U13 team was established. A number of young players quickly joined the team.

Today, the AYCC boasts one of the largest U13 cricket teams in Jutland. Interest continues to grow, not only among the U13 group but also among even younger children. This increasing interest has prompted considerations for the establishment of a U9 cricket team in the near future.

At ACC, youth players are offered a safe and engaging learning environment, enabling each player to learn cricket skills at their own pace. This approach has led to an increased passion for the game, heightened motivation, and a strong work ethic among players, all aiming to achieve success on the field.

The team's coaches, Rahul and Ronja, find it both fulfilling and motivating to watch the youngsters evolve and enjoy playing cricket on the lush green field of Aarhus Cricket Club.

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